Surgical negligence causes injuries

I was horribly injured and permanently disfigured by a plastic surgeon named
David A. Gilbert, MD,FRCS(C),FACS Norfolk Virginia (VA)

Norfolk, Virginia Plastic Surgeon Permanently Disfigured Patient During Labia Reconstruction Surgery. The Cosmetic Surgeon From Norfolk, Virginia Distroyed Both Leg Gracillis Muscles As He Performed Labia Reconstruction Surgery.

Cosmetic Surgeon in Norfolk, Virginia Disfigured Patient Legs During Labia Reconstruction Surgery By Distroying Both Legs Gracillis Muscle.

I was injured by David A. Gilbert, MD,FRCS(C),FACS ofNorfolk Virginia who butchered both of my legs, and groin as shown in the photo's below during simple labia reconstructiob surgery. The doctor destroyed both of my legs gracillis muscles during a labia reconstruction surgery causing permanent disfiguring damage. The doctor's surgery removed both of my leg gracillis muscles from my leg location and then he crammed the muscle in my groin cutting the several nerves, and muscle leaving me disfigured, and in constant physical/emotional pain. The nerve damage is causing me to have constant groin and leg pain.

He called this surgery labia reconstruction, and it was done to repair a small defect in my labia. The resulting surgery did not correct my labia defect, but instead made the problem much worse causing me to have large voids in both legs, and in my labia major. I now have to live with large ugly scars on both of my legs, and groin scars that exceed my panty line.

My original problem was very small, and barley noticeable, and now I have major damage to both of my legs, and groin. Prior to this surgery Dr. Gilbert promised me great cosmetic improvements to my labia, but instead he created painful disfiguring scars, and destroyed my legs. The damage to my legs, and groin has far reaching effects, and it is permanent. The destroyed gracillis muscle is causing me to walk bull legged, and has reduced some of my leg functions. I now have learned that the painful disfiguring damage Dr. Gilbert has caused me cannot be reversed. I was also told that I would be forced to live a life of pain because of the nerve damage he caused during surgery.

To me Norfolk, Virginia is a place that started my living nightmare, and a place where I was injured, and appears experimented on by a cosmetic surgeon name David A. Gilbert, MD. located at the Hague Center 400 W Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, Virginia
The surgical experience with Dr. Gilbert was so horrific that I spent the last three years of my life traumatized, and in emotional distress trying to mentally blocking out my injuries. Even now I still have hard time grasping to the reality that my legs and groin are disfigured from Doctor Gilbertís apparent medical experiment. I'm a victim of what I feel was horrifying medical experiment that has permanently destroyed my legs, and groin. I find myself at a loss in what to do to correct the surgical damage. I went to this doctor for what I was told was a simple labia reconstruction surgery, but instead found myself disfigured.

On November 8, 2002 I had labia reconstruction surgery performed on me by David A. Gilbert, M.D. of Norfolk Virginia
for the purpose to improve appearance, bulk, and correct a small defect of my labia.
The surgery used gracillis muscle flaps for the purpose to build better labia bulk.
The surgery did not correct my problem, but instead created the following problems.

1. Constant chronic pain in my legs and groin.
2. Large voids and deformities in my legs also my groin where the removed gracillis muscle was once located.
3. Two four-inch in length surgical scars on both legs.
One vertical scar in the back of my legs behind the knee joint, the other scar is located horizontally halfway between the groin and the knee cap. Both scars have painful nerve damage.
4. Distorted labia appearance with large voidsg in my labia as a result of the removed gracillis muscle.
5. Lack of normal fullness with large voids in both legs as a result of the removed gracillis muscles along with nerve damage.
6. Reduced lateral leg movement as a result of the removed gracillis muscles, and nerve damage.
7. Unable to have sex without pain as a result of the groin pressure pain from the nerve damage.
8. Can not run, and do any sports without risk of injury from the destroyed gracillis muscle.
9. Knee problems do to the lack of my gracillis muscles being removed as this muscle is used to support my knees.
10. Random leg and groin spasms, and reduced blood flow as a result of nerve damage, and scar tissue.
11. Painful disfigured legs, and groin.
12. Walking bull legged because of the removed gracillis muscle, and groin injury.
13. Can not wear a swimsuit, or shorts without showing my Disfigured legs, and groin.
14. Can not wear any tight clothing around my legs from the nerve damage.
15. Burning feeling in my legs, and feet from the extreme nerve damage.
16. Forced to take pain pills as to sleep, or to fuction.
17. Costly medical expenses from my injury.
18. Extreme emotional distress.
19. Detroyed my sleep, and Concentration because of the extreme painful nerve damage.
20. Random extreme shooting groin pains that will put you to your knees.

My constant pain, and disfigurements caused by Doctor Gilbertís apparent Medical negligence has reduced my quality of life.
I use to model, and now I canít even wear a pair of shorts, or a swim suit without revealing these disfiguring scars.
Iím forced to take daily doses of pain medication as to help me cope with the constant pain.
During my four-day hospital visit after this horrifying surgery I had not even once been visited by Doctor Gilbert. After the surgery he required one office visit, and off you went.
I live out of state, and he did not require any additional office visits after the first. Prior to this surgery Doctor Gilbert led me to believe that this surgery was minor,and the muscle he will use was not needed and would not cause me any disfigurements, or reduction in leg movement.
The great promise to improve my labia appearance was false. The appearance is much worse, and distorted not to mention the pain.
I feel like I was experimented on, and that this surgery possibly was performed without concern for my care I think just to earn a profit.
Dr. Gilbert's Solicitation letter to me for this surgery. Maybe I'm naive, but I feel I was misled about this surgery. If I knew more about what a gracillis muscle was I would not have done this surgery. He turned a small problem into a large problem.

On August 2005 I gave Doctor Gilbert the opportunity to correct the problem he caused, and he wanted to do what looks to me like additional negligence by removing my Thigh Muscles to fix the labia problem, and inject fat to fill in the voids in my legs. The other idea was to graft my upper and lower thigh muscles together, and inject fat into my groin.
"Another brain storm Gilbert Letter"

Upon questioning this procedure, and asking for medical records to get a second opinion he refused to correct his failed surgery, and will not provide me with any medical records, or photos. I finally received some of my medical records on March 31, 2006 after five requests starting October 7, 2005, and finally received my requested exam photos after over a year, and many, many requests.

Letter Attached

Let this be a warning to all who may wish surgery by this physician, and be careful with any surgeon. If I knew what I know now I would not have had this surgery.
I canít even wear a pair of shorts or a swim suit without revealing these distorted groin scar lines, and disfiguring voids in my legs.

Thanks doctor for destroying my life, destroying my leg gracillis muscles, and groin.

I now would not even trust this doctor to mow my lawn.
Dr. Gilbert seems to not even care that he disfigured me, and has given me a life of pain. To Dr. Gilbert surgery is just a money making thing, and not the well being of his patients.

Photos of my leg disfigurement & surgery

The surgical procedure, and facts about the surgery was not properly explained to me by Doctor Gilbert. Prior to the surgery Doctor Gilbert convinced me that the non cosmetic surgery was routine, and that he has performed this on other patents with great success. He explained that the gracillis muscle was a non necessary muscle in my legs between the size of pencil, and a dime which does not affect leg function, or appearance. He placed this muscle in a coil under the skin of my labia to build bulk. The results were completely the opposite from the intent. I feel that this doctor misrepresented himself possibly using deception for the gain of profit to convince me to proceed with this surgery.

I now find that this muscle is used for lateral leg movement, leg fullness, and beauty. The muscle is natureís barrier protection for the groin, and keeps the legs together. Without this muscle you will have a void in the groin/legs, distortion to the buttock, and in my case including distortion to the labia. The medical dictionary defines this muscle as ďA abductor muscle with origin in the ramus of the pubis, with insertion to the shaft of the tibia, with nerve supply from the obturator nerve, and whose action adducts the thigh, flexes the knee, and rotates the leg medially.

I recently learned from Doctor Gilbert that during surgery he cut the nerve supply to this muscle, and did not reattach it. When a nerve is cut from a muscle it will not flex, or function. As a result the muscle will shrivel up, and disappear. The cut nerve will grow into a ball at the end of the cut, forming a nerve scar or neuroma. A neuroma is part of what is causing me pain and causing an electrical feeling when pressure is applied to this area. I also found that he has caused nerve damage in my legs which all can not be corrected. Cutting this nerve has caused the muscle to shrivel up, and disappear from lack of use. An MRI was done proving this result, and EMG.

The idea of using this muscle for this purpose is crazy. The muscle is in a coil, and is turning into shrived scar tissue that is strangling itself around other blood vessels, and nerves. This doctor turned my small barley seen problem into a large disfiguring, and painful problem. I have not yet found any other doctor that has used this muscle for this purpose, or even consider doing this to anyone. The muscle has been used in extreme accident cases to repair dysfunctional main muscles such as in the arm. This doctor used this muscle for experimental reasons leaving me with disfigured legs, and groin.

Example Surgery Photo

You can clearly see that this muscle is larger than a dime.
This doctor used this muscle for a crazy labia reconstruction surgery destroying my legs, and causing painful injures to my groin. The nerve used to keep this muscle active, and alive was cut and never reattached an email sent by this doctor proves this. The muscle is now shriveled scar tissue placing pressure on nerves, and veins.

This surgery was the most painful surgery I have ever experienced. Prior to the surgery Doctor Gilbert convinced me that this was minor routine surgery. I learned after the surgery that this was a major surgery. I did not receive any pain medication for several hours, because the doctor was not available. The nurse said he did not request any pain medication on my chart. I had over eight hours of pain before I received some morphine. During my four-day hospital stay Doctor Gilbert never visited me, but instead sent some floor doctor on the third day. I drove to the hospital for this surgery, and had a tuff time driving myself home after being released which was a 16-hour out of state drive home.

He never explained that this surgery was major otherwise I would have not done this surgery, and would have not driven to the hospital. I believe I was butchered for profit with out concern for my safety, or outcome. This surgery has destroyed my legs, and groin. The coiled gracillis muscle in my groin does not have a nerve attached, and the blood supply is cut off from being kinked. I now find the surgical recklessness that was done created permanent irreversible damage to my legs, and groin.

Doctor Gilbert solicited this surgery to me, and I feel he may have possibly used deception to convince me to proceed with this surgery. I was not aware this surgery was major until a nurse told me after the surgery was over. This surgery was so traumatic that I have been mentally blocking this out. After three years I have finally came to grips with the reality of my injuries. What a mistake to have trusted this doctor, and a nightmare. It wasnít until I did some research on gracillis muscles, and visited other surgeons before I learn what major damage Doctor Gilbert did to me. This experience has been horrifying, and I would have never had let this doctor touch me if I knew, or had an good understanding of what he was going to do to me. I feel I was scammed! I can not find any doctor to correct these injuries, because I feel they may think Iím a victim of malpractice, and they are afraid to touch me. Also my injuries are very extensive and can not be reversed.

If anyone has a suggestion on what I should do to correct my problems, please email me. Thank you!

Doctor Gilbert is located in Norfolk, Virginia 23510 and or, as it appears on his attached letters.

Horrifying Labia reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. David Gilbert of Norfolk, Virginia destroyed both of my leg gracillis muscles. I now disfigured for life, and in constant pain. Thankyou for visiting "" web site

This site was developed for the purpose to inform the public to be cautious when using this doctor, or any doctor before surgery.
If you have also been injured by this doctor, or any doctor I would like to here from you.
The pain & disfigurement in my legs and groin area are permanent,
therefore this web site will be permanent.

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This is Dr. David A. Gilbert

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Patents beware of any surgery from any doctor, and especially Dr. David A. Gilbert. In my case with this doctor I found he rather run and hide instead of correcting his surgical mistakes. It appears to me surgery is simply a money thing, not a patents well being. Once he had learned the surgery failed, and you ask any questions about the surgery he says see you later patent, and lots of luck. .

Left Leg Photo

Right leg Photo

Solicitation letter

Brain storm Gilbert Letter

Groin Damage


Gilbert in trouble

My experience with Doctor Gilbert is a living nightmare. I never thought anyone could take away my good life, and health, but Doctor Gilbert did.
He has given me a life of disfigurement, and constant pain. The trip to Gilbertís butcher shop cost my insurance company $20,000. The future medical cost from this venture may exceed at the minimum 100 times this amount.

This Doctor reduced my ability to Roller Blade, Ski, Run, Bike, sit for any period of time, walk, hike, wear a swimsuit, and for sure Kick Box when he removed my graciilis muscles.